Thursday, May 31, 2012

Shame on me = Two new outfits

     Sorry for not posting an outfit yesterday- School always gets in the way... And I did not intend that to rhyme. But with that, I'll jump straight to the point.  Yesterday's busy schedule would not allow me to post an outfit, so I'm going to post two! Hope you enjoy them :)

Today I'm going to try a different site, that will bring me a new, fun challenge that I hope you guys enjoy! What might this site be? Let the Vintage- out-fitting begin. :)

This is the first outfit! The second one will be posted shortly.


Summer dress Creme Crochet and Lace Frock Dress

$68.00 - hydeashley

1960s Moccasins / Lace Up Moccasin Oxfords - Golden Brown / Tan Suede
$46.00 - pineapplemint

Ivory Chain Bracelet

$68.00 - shopkei

Flower Bobby Pins Gold Mint Green Chrysanthemum Rose

$9.00 - TheLocketBox

Peach and Pearl Leaf Vein Earrings

$33.00 - LaurelAndLime


  1. Hey there! I'm a new viewer and just wanted to say that I love your posts!

    I have a blog somewhat similar to yours; however, it's dedicated to finding the best deals on the hottest trends. It's I also take requests-say there's this dress you're dying to have, or a vacation you're dying to go on, send me a message (through the Deanna's Deals Facebook page: and I'll send you links to the best deals on your requests!

    Again, great blog!

    1. I'm sorry my reply is overdue, and I have been very slow on my blog this year; It's been extremely busy for me!

      Thank you so much, and I'm glad to hear you're enjoying my posts. :)

      I'd be glad to look through your blog as well! It's so late here, however, so I will enjoy your blog in depth tomorrow!

      Thank you again, and I can't wait to see what deals you've found!!