Saturday, December 18, 2010

Future Fashion

Hey everyone. Last post was a while ago, about the history of fashion. Sadly i couldn't upload photos so I'm just going to move on to the present.

I've been looking through a couple of magazines, and there's been a pattern. i usually look through How to spend it. It's interesting how the styles are turning out. it's not neon-spandex- futuristic. It's floral, retro inspired, and enlarged. Some of you may be thinking what enlarged even means. There is one specific look that shows "enlarged" pieces. Maison Martin Margiela created a "Giant-knit wool tunic" and giant is correct. It looks as if you took a piece of knit clothing, put it under a magnifying glass, and kept that size for your clothing. So literally, the knitted wool is enlarged! This piece is followed by a lambswool coat by Sonia Rykiel, and a Sequined tulle dress by Valentino.

In another design you see an Asian inspired piece. This is where floral comes in with a silk georgette files coupes Denise gown by Ralph Lauren Collection. This is a gorgeous black , layered gown with metallic golds, greens, reds, and shades of brown floral patterns. This is under a wool cape, and wool coat by Vivienne Westwood Gold Label. To top off the look you have a Velvet Mustard hat by Dior. The hat and cape are one-toned, while the coat and gown are patterned to create a pleasent look.

In another look you find your more retro inspired look with some enlarged pieces to go with it. A Shearling jacket by John Galliano. It is a turtle neck with a few layers of foe fur that creates the enlarged look. There is a ball clutch by Christian Louboutin that adds some retro style into the look. You finish this look with an embroidered taffeta and tulle skirt by John Galliano as well as a Metallic lambskin and cotton hat with leather strap by Dior. There are many more designs that show these styles and patterns and it's starting to seem like a trend. layering with retro designs and different materials.

The final example i am going to use is a different look with a more "i don't care what you think" look that is getting trendy. With a knitted mohair coat by Hermes over a silk garza coat by Gareth Pugh, a Velvet devore silk and rayon dress by William Tempest, and knitted wool leggings by Vivienne creates the perfect idc look. The dress is layered and has an unfinished look and the leggings are ripped, with buttons on them holding everything together which is the perfect idc look. it's very stylish though. There are different ways to show an idc look. for some people it's wearing a jacket over a large shirt giving the shirt a ripple effect under paired with flared out jeans and uggs. This is not a very trend-setting look, but when done right it's beautiful. The large shirt is what i call the lazy (wearing a blindfold to choose your outfit) look, which is idc, right? Anyways, I love this knit leggings paired with the dress. They are quite expensive though the entire look adding up to a sum of 12,570 pounds.
Right now is the Window period to me. It's where one trend was ending and designers are experimenting, coming up with enlarged looks, bringing back retro looks, but also using more futuristic looks. the window periods for fashion are always the most fun for me.
Anyways, i'm going to get myself a cup od chamomile tea because i'm starting to feel sick. D: so cya later :)


*all pictures on this post is from financial times- How to spend it .
**Sorry my computer doesn't have french symbols :(

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I'm back! :D -Fashion History

Hello :)

so i only wrote 2 blogs so far- i know, LAME. but I'm going to try to make it up from now on. i want to write about fashion, since i am intuitive about trends in the fashion industry. i don't read magazines, or other fashion blogs and what not, but I've seen fashion shows, been to Europe countless times, and understand fashion. I promise to start flipping through a few vogues from now on! :) now let's start off by going back in fashion history to show trends:

So... I'm going to start in 1858- Charles Worth established the very first haute couture fashion house in Paris! Here's a dress that i sketched from this era:

<--this reminds me of Cinderella's ugly step-sisters when they went to the ball wearing this kind of dress with the HUGE behinds. haha

Next in 1906 Paul Poiret created harem pants! here's a sketch:

<--Okay, I adore these pants. The design of the pants are still seen today and have been modernized like this sketch. this was a big trend setter!! :) <3>

Next the wonderful Coco Chanel swoops in during 1913 when she opens a boutique in deauville, France, revolutionizing women's fashion with quilted handbags, chain-belted jerseys, and tailored suits. She was the most copied designer in fashion history. here's an example of one of her famous suits (with a skirt):

<--this is just one example of her revolutionary pieces that are just stunning. I <3 Chanel :)

Next on the fashion timeline is in 1914-18 : ww1 impelled women to work in factories which made women wear pants - and military cut influences. here's a sketch (1) (it won't let me upload images at the moment so i'll finish this tomorrow - but here's a sample for now :) )

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

hello bloggers,
so i see that my last post was not a big hit.... i guess people don't really care about my life.... im not really sure what i should be writing on this blog. i guess just things that are happening in my life. the sad part is that nothing is really happening in my life right now. maybe thats why we make blogs, so that we can get away from the boring of our lives and become someone different, to express ourselves in ways we didnt know we could. i will think of things to write on this blog, but until then,
just another person