Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bringing Back Bold

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Hello dears. I thought summer would bring a new realm of options for my blog due to an extra boost of  time for myself.  However this dream of relaxation was quickly shattered when I (yes, I admit this was my idea) decided to take summer classes for a boost of knowledge.  Still a boost, just not the kind that I would physically benefit from.  However now that i have about an hour to do as I please, I'm going to update this blog of mine for you all to enjoy. :)

Today's clothing is all from the amazing store of Zara.  My first encounter with this stylish store was in Paris, France, before It opened in California.  It was fabulous, and I admit, also better than the US store.  But online many more options are seen, in a bold, brilliant, and beautiful way. :)

So with that, let's begin the shopping!


49.99 USD

29.99 USD – 

35.99 USD

29.99 USD


39.99 USD 

25.99 USD 

19.99 USD

29.99 USD

19.99 USD

29.99 USD

19.99 USD 

4.99 USD

9.99 USD

14.99 USD

59.99 USD

29.99 USD

Friday, June 15, 2012

5, 4, 3, 2, 1 - Time to Countdown!

Fossil Earrings, Silver Tone Sculpted Flower Drop Earrings - $28.00


Hello everyone! I have some fun news for you guys, as well as an outfit that will of course!

      To start off: I have 995 Page Views!! Thank you all so much for allowing me to achieve a milestone on my blog!  It means so much, and in celebration- I need to give you something more than just an outfit.

     Whoever is the 1000th viewer on my blog will receive a post dedicated towards them, with the contents being their name/username, blog, etc etc- plus a customized closet!  Now what does that mean?  It means you tell me one of the four seasons (Spring, Summer, Autumn, or Winter), your body figure, and  any additional information on clothing preference, and i'll create a season's worth of clothing for you that is all accessible online.  This means jewelry/accessories, clothing (obviously), footwear, makeup, nail polish, etc- all specified for what YOU would look fabulous in!

     However you cannot just view my page as the 1000th viewer and be done! You must comment on a post to notify me that you're the 1000th! So if you see this, and the page views are at 1000, then congratulations and thank you. :)

* Due to my sister being the 1000th viewer, I changed the prize for the 1500th viewer so someone will still have a chance to win Good luck! :) *

xoxo, Nat


Monday, June 4, 2012

Time To Get Glamorous

Hello everyone,

Do you have a super cute dress but can't find some nice chic accessories or shoes to go? Well help is on the way!

Today's outfits are dedicated to getting glamorous! I'm talking about getting the Jessica McClintock suit bags out, those real pearl and gem jewelry on, and popping on some Louboutin heels for a perfect styled up night. :)

And with that, let the fun begin!

*All photos are from Bluefly.com  - An amazing site to save on designer brands :)


retail value: $ 1,295.00
BLUEFLY: $ 1,036.00

retail value: $ 965.00
BLUEFLY: $ 772.00

retail value: $ 925.00
REDUCED: $ 702.99

retail value: $ 560.00
BLUEFLY: $ 445.00

retail value: $ 525.00
BLUEFLY: $ 425.00
retail value: $ 525.00
BLUEFLY: $ 425.00

retail value: $ 525.00
BLUEFLY: $ 425.00
*Note that this heel has an 'abel' point,
 while the other two above have 'anges'
 pointed toes.

retail value: $ 2,850.00
BLUEFLY: $ 1,425.00

retail value: $ 9,360.00
BLUEFLY: $ 4,688.00

retail value: $ 10,676.00
BLUEFLY: $ 5,338.00

retail value: $ 2,490.00
BLUEFLY: $ 1,495.00

retail value: $ 4,590.00
BLUEFLY: $ 2,295.00

retail value: $ 275.00
BLUEFLY: $ 165.00

retail value: $ 449.00
BLUEFLY: $ 268.00

Item found on Shopbop.com

Friday, June 1, 2012

Today's Special is...

  • HEllo  Everyone.  Excuse  the caps-locked  typing,  I'm  not  sure  why  my  computer  is  doing this.  my  caps  lock  is  off  and my  font  setting  is  on  times.  but  moving  on  from  this,  i  have  some  outfits  for  you! 

today's special. interesting title huh? well there is a very nice reason to this.  Instead of creating one outfit for you, i've created a "specials" menu.  You know those menus where you pick one main dish, and one or two sides? well today we're going to do just that. the shirts are the main dish, split with the pants, following shoes and accessories which are the sides and what not.  so lets get cookin'. :)


TODAY'S menu from: 
express (www.express.com)

Shirts - Pick one