Thursday, May 31, 2012

Shame on me = Two new outfits

     Sorry for not posting an outfit yesterday- School always gets in the way... And I did not intend that to rhyme. But with that, I'll jump straight to the point.  Yesterday's busy schedule would not allow me to post an outfit, so I'm going to post two! Hope you enjoy them :)

Today I'm going to try a different site, that will bring me a new, fun challenge that I hope you guys enjoy! What might this site be? Let the Vintage- out-fitting begin. :)

This is the first outfit! The second one will be posted shortly.


Summer dress Creme Crochet and Lace Frock Dress

$68.00 - hydeashley

1960s Moccasins / Lace Up Moccasin Oxfords - Golden Brown / Tan Suede
$46.00 - pineapplemint

Ivory Chain Bracelet

$68.00 - shopkei

Flower Bobby Pins Gold Mint Green Chrysanthemum Rose

$9.00 - TheLocketBox

Peach and Pearl Leaf Vein Earrings

$33.00 - LaurelAndLime

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

An outfit a day keeps the...I don't know- but you get an outfit!

       Hi everyone! I'm glad to say that my blog is getting more subscribers and views! This is super exciting! So how should I celebrate? By posting more posts for my viewers of course!!

For this post I went through one of my favorite stores, Nordstrom, and found separate items of clothing and accessories online to create cute outfits! Isn't it a hassle to drive to the store, carry 50 lb worth of clothing on your arm, occasionally dropping an item which forces you to re-organize all the clothing on your exhausted arm? Unless you know what you want and get past all that mess, it's just 20 times easier to just shop online! Your shopping cart does all the carrying for you! There is a much greater variety of clothing, and more sizes in stock! Plus, there are great online sales.  How could it get any better?? Oh, that's right- You can shop in messed up hair and pjs. You just saved yourself a half-day's worth of time my friend. And that is what we all need. So how could it get any easier? I'm doing the searching for you. :)

And with that, let's begin the outfit-creating!

*To be more specific, I'm going to be posting one outfit per day. So check everyday to see which store and outfits I post!* 



Frenchi® One Button Blazer (Juniors)$58.00

Here are the steps!

1) Wear the chiffon blouse

2) Wear the chambray skirt; tuck in the blouse

3) If it's cold or cool, wear the blazer!

4) Put on as many accessories as you want!

Lush Sleeveless Chiffon Blouse (Juniors)$34.00

Frenchi® Button Front Chambray Skirt (Juniors)$38.00


Zigi Girl 'Klive' Sandal$129.95

TOMS 'Sofie' Sandal

Paola Ferri '2517' Oxford



Rachel Faceted Stud Earrings$12.00

Friday, May 25, 2012

Refresh in Style

Hi everyone - Once again in a while, I haven't posted another blog post. My apologies. However As always I will make it up! :)

 Life gets busy, and for myself my schedule consumed any thought of relaxation. Now though, I finally have a chance to collect my thoughts and share them to my viewers :)

              Vogue Sunglasses, VO2651S - $89.95
 To start off, over the past months of my busy schedule, my fashion changed. severely. From trying to look like a preppy child with layers of different fabrics and complex outfits that just confused me, I simplified. I do not look at one style as inspiration any longer. I now observe the clothing within each style, to create my own preferred look. From short black died leather boots with leather strips hitting each other after each step and a swede red jacket, to a more 70's
geometric lace top with cute blue shorts.

 These are just two examples, however I'm going to post all the cute clothes i can find with their information, and to show a range of options! :) One day a floral dress, handbag, innocent peach heels, and pearl earrings, to urban boots, tribal pattern denim shorts, a "Beatles" Bro Tank, and leather straps as bracelets.

Why can't we wear it all? :)

Lots of Love,

(All photo rights reserved to the following stores: Macys, Nordstrom, and Pacsun)


 Bullhead Black Western Denim Jacket $49.50

 Breeze Tee $34.50

 Bullhead Black The 55 Denim Legging Gray $10.00


 Lily White Polka Dot Shorts (Juniors) $34.00

 Carole Disc Chandelier Earrings $12.00

Frenchi® Eyelet Shorts (Juniors) $42.00

Mimi Chica Print Silky Shorts (Juniors) $26.00

Stephan & Co. Gloss Rhinestone Stud Earrings $8.00

Carole Studded Faux Leather Wrap Bracelet $12.00

Carole Antiqued Pavé Stud Earrings $6.00

 Stephan & Co. Enameled Post Earrings $6.00


GUESS? Dress, Strapless Chelsea Printed Ruffled Maxi $108.00

 Material Girl Romper, Sleeveless Surplice Tribal-Print $34.00

 Rocket Dog Shoes, Clover Espadrille Flats Orig. $45.00 Was $31.50 Now $23.62

 GUESS Women's Shoes, Rolene2 Pumps $90.00

 Fossil Handbag, Explorer Leather Crossbody $178.00

 Lucky Brand Handbag, Ojai Crochet Hobo Reg. $149.00 Sale $110.99

 Fossil Handbag, Maddox Flap Clutch Embossed Wallet $60.00

 Fossil Handbag, Vintage Reissue Frame Clutch $80.00

 RACHEL Rachel Roy Ring, Worn Gold Tone Glass Stone Octopus Stretch Ring $48.00

Betsey Johnson Earrings, Sunflower Stud Earrings $25.00

Lucky Brand Necklace, Silver Tone Turquoise Sunflower Pendant $35.00

Lucky Brand Ring, Abalone Oval Ring $35.00