Friday, June 10, 2011

So many things to say

Hello everyone!

I'm sorry for not writing for a while but you know about finals. =< Anyways to make up for lost time I decided to make this two-three times as much info? :) that includes my usual trends. but i'm adding different brands + some do's and DON'Ts. and when i say don't i pray that you don't. (: So without waiting anymore waiting. let the fashion blogging begin. :)


So going back to the trends i mentioned: ruffles are everywhere!! i have a few examples of ruffles below.

The pictures above were all from except for the first photo which was from

Also remember Vintage? well vintage is definitely here. =) The hat below is a vintage inspired piece with a glossy red flower.

The Picture above is from


Trendy glasses? this style is definitely IN (:

The pictures above are from

What's next? How about a watch? for a while watches lost their "thing", but after so many watch adds and new styles, watches are coming back fast! here's a picture of one of the nicest designed watched i found. enjoy :)

The picture above is from

Last picture. This time it's a cover up. Remember the bohemian trend i mentioned? well here you go!

This photo is from

What else? New Trends??

Oh yes. It goes back to vintage. LACE. Lace is so beautiful i'm very excited it's back. remember a little something called the ROYAL WEDDING? oh yes- lace is definitely coming back. Abercrombie? yes- they want lace. Here are a couple examples! :)

The pictures above are from


Here's a photo of what it seems like bohemian/floral/bold/socks and heels?- look! Oh yes, that's a lot. Take a look for yourself! :)

This photo is from

To end this blog, i have PacSun clothes. Unfortunately, some of the PacsSun clothes are DON'TS that i need to bring up. The other photos of clothing show how they're changing their look to bohemian, and it's all very similar, as well as one photo that looks like a knock-off Abercrombie shirt?! Hmm let's take a look. :) (All photos below are from


So much bohemian and they ALL look the same! Here's a photo when i was looking at their clothing. there were 3 in a row!

Last but...yes- least. the DON'TS oh jeez, you'll know what i mean.

I love Pacsun- quite a few of my clothes are from Pacsun! However i think the path their taking is not beneficial for the business and the buyers! I will say their pants are still great though.

Hope you enjoyed this!