Thursday, April 14, 2011

did i forget ruffles?! shame.

Hey everybody :)

i just forgot to mention some other trends i need to bring up ;)

>LAYERED RUFFLES (hey, it's showing up)

-GLADIATORS- that's pretty obvious
-leather shoes...idk, people like their leather shoes instead of plastic :)
>toms- oh yes
>asian inspired
>african inspired
>european inspired (i'll post the trends in europe too;) )
>spanish inspired? idk, i saw it- we'll see.


How to spend it tells all.

Hi everybody. So i was reading how to spend it, which i don't have with me at the moment, and found some trends that went with what i though.

RETRO mix- people are bringing back either retro color schemes with a more modern (twist of retro) clothing, or a retro style usually with pastel/neutral colors. the reason i say pastel/neutral is because the retro dresses/clothing i saw had a strong style of retro, however they weren't creating a war between color and style. they wanted they style to show more than the color, so pastel/ neutral and black were used. I don't have much time today, and i don't know where the magazine is at the moment, but I'll post another trend watch out with pictures to come.




layering with neutral and floral/color

layering different textures/fabric

trench coats are always fabulous (not this season though) :)

did i mention FLORAL? <3

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Back to Fashion?

Hey everyone. I've been busy- so now i'm back on here. I was debating which direction to take this page... fashion? music? art? funny things? i'm not too sure, but i promised fashion so i have an idea. I'll post certain pictures that have to go w/ the fashion i saw this week, writing key words of that trend style, with tips, etc. so it's not going to be the long lectures of what's going on, just quick and easy (:

So to go back on my trend ideas from before- i was correct! :D Floral is back, ruffles- BACK.

So i looked at "How to Spend It" and this was interesting- not surprising, but interesting. SO i've been seeing colors, ruffle, floral, etc, but this time it was very...Spanish like? here's an example:

shoot- my computer's acting up- i'll try to get the picture up once the upload works,

Anyways, it was a tango-like dress, at least to my understanding. it was ground level, with about the last 2- 3 ' of dress ruffled and black. the color scheme is red, orange, blue, and black. there are many black stripes throughout the piece. the model has her hair pulled back with a floral accessory (maybe flowers) tucked into her hair. she's holding the black ruffles part of the dress as if dancing.

So what i got out of this is:





i say texture even though i didn't mention it is b/c the color's are draped from side to side- while being scrunched in a little. it creates a nice texture.









well i just found a bunch of sales, so i gtg! haha byee (: <3