Saturday, January 8, 2011

Color choice to my disadvantage

Hey everyone, just wanted to let you guys know that i'm sorry for the color choice from the previous blog. i tried changing it, but it won't let me! so.....sorry :<


Fashion? New years? Mac?? i think yes :)

Hello! sorry for not writing, but my dad forgot to keep the fashion magazines we get in the mail. Oh well, I'll just start without them anyways.

To start off- Xmas! :D and Hanukkah of course :)
So this Christmas i got several things. many were clothes- of course, but i also got many think my sis and i've always wanted as kids- even though they might not fit. for example, we got towel with the hat attached onit so it looks like an animal! we also got twister a classic, and fuzzy socks etc. in addition to the kids clothes, which are going to be returned because they were extremely small (besides the towel :3), i got......a....MAC! :D yes- have purchased a macbook pro, and it is wonderful. however i still lovemy hp desktop, even though it gets a virus every 5 days. :<>
Back trackinga little, I would like to talk about some fashion over the vacation. i was at a mall 2-3 days before Christmas, and i went to express, wheremost of the items in my closet are from. I found beautiful clothes and surprisingly i was picking shirts, skirts, even jackets with a very similar style. RUFFLES. layers and layers of ruffles! they've been around for a bit, butmore and more items are adding ruffles! i found a gorgeous metallic lavender tank with layers of ruffles all the way down the entire front of the tank. It wasgorgeous- absolutely gorgeous. a couple minutes later i spotted a coat hung up way in the back of the store. i quickly looked through the sizes, finding an xs- THANK GOD. i was just absolutely stunning. it's gold buttons over theblack coat, - did i forget to mention the ruffles? well, it did. hip-level, ruffles began forming down to the bottom of the coat. it sort of looks like a skirt. I'll try to post some pictures of the designs to show you what i mean. previously i purchased an express skirt that started at your waist, and ended about afoot shorter than your knee. yes it was short, but it looked fabulous over an old fashioned pinched sleevedshirt. a belt would complete the look (from express of course). the shirt brings up the retro-old fashioned trend i brought up last post. also 1 or 2 years ago i started wearing ruffles, ruffle shirts, ruffle tanks, ruffle dresses, etc, and now look at the trend progression! hmmm ;) haha anyways, lets move on.

NEW YEARS! this everybody can relate to- from anywhere. 2011 is here and i think this will be a great year! to start off, i have some new years resolutions i would like to share :)

available to purchase on itunes! I'll let you guys know when i'm done with the songs, and i might post a demo up! :) i already have 8 + or - demos saved. now it's just finishing the songs, cleaning them up, getting an album cover (my favorite part (: ) and posting them in itunes! it won't be expensive- like $2.50 for the entire album which would be more or less 5 songs! 50 cents a piece. :D i hope this works out!

2- I want to create my own clothing store. now this might take longer, but i loved fashion ever since i could pick up a pencil. when i was little i took my mom's skirts, and design them into dresses! and that doesn't mean just wrapping it around me. for example, i had my mom's skirt when i was six or so, and it had two pieces of fabric that you tie together, i think. i pinned the skirt together, using the fabric to make a one shoulder dress, and then crossed the fabric around the skirt to make an open back, one shoulder, brown, layered dress! i also have a stardoll account where i make designs and sell them. so far i've sold 250+ stardollars within the past 2 months. i have a bit of a hyper-active mind i think, so i come up with great ideas all the time. movie ideas, vid. game ideas, stories, and designs, from architecture, to new dresses. this doesn't mean i mentally ill though, i've been checked out 100% normal, but i just think a little faster than some people. i'm normal at school, 100% normal, the only difference is that i think more than others when i'm trying to fall asleep, so it sometimes takes me hours to fall asleep. if i don't think about anything though, i fall asleep within 10 min. which is the average time to fall asleep. anyways lets move on :)

3-get into Stanford! now this is a longer term goal but- yes, i want to get into Stanford! i'm in epgy, i'm in Gate, i'm inAca Deca, i'm in cross country, track and field, and dance, i can pay for the tuition's, and i think i have a good chance! i just need to work on my gpa, and SAT score. ik, that's what really counts, and i'm getting there! the summer is surely going to give me time to study. So lets hope for the best :)

4-start a trend! i've started trends in elementary school before- good times...and some bad times.. haha but that was years ago. i want to start something new :) i'll have to think about it though. i guess i was part of the pro-ruffle campaign :P i guess i'll stick to that then. ruffle galore it is then.

well i'll just stop there with my resolutions :) anyways here are some pics of ruffles :) HAPPY NEW YEAR! ;D


if this doesn't prove that ruffles are a trend, then idk what can!!