Friday, June 1, 2012

Today's Special is...

  • HEllo  Everyone.  Excuse  the caps-locked  typing,  I'm  not  sure  why  my  computer  is  doing this.  my  caps  lock  is  off  and my  font  setting  is  on  times.  but  moving  on  from  this,  i  have  some  outfits  for  you! 

today's special. interesting title huh? well there is a very nice reason to this.  Instead of creating one outfit for you, i've created a "specials" menu.  You know those menus where you pick one main dish, and one or two sides? well today we're going to do just that. the shirts are the main dish, split with the pants, following shoes and accessories which are the sides and what not.  so lets get cookin'. :)


TODAY'S menu from: 
express (

Shirts - Pick one

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