Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bringing Back Bold

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Hello dears. I thought summer would bring a new realm of options for my blog due to an extra boost of  time for myself.  However this dream of relaxation was quickly shattered when I (yes, I admit this was my idea) decided to take summer classes for a boost of knowledge.  Still a boost, just not the kind that I would physically benefit from.  However now that i have about an hour to do as I please, I'm going to update this blog of mine for you all to enjoy. :)

Today's clothing is all from the amazing store of Zara.  My first encounter with this stylish store was in Paris, France, before It opened in California.  It was fabulous, and I admit, also better than the US store.  But online many more options are seen, in a bold, brilliant, and beautiful way. :)

So with that, let's begin the shopping!


49.99 USD

29.99 USD – 

35.99 USD

29.99 USD


39.99 USD 

25.99 USD 

19.99 USD

29.99 USD

19.99 USD

29.99 USD

19.99 USD 

4.99 USD

9.99 USD

14.99 USD

59.99 USD

29.99 USD

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