Sunday, February 19, 2012

It's been so long. FAR too long. I'm so sorry. I have had such an incredible year so far- making me, well- incredibly busy!!

I have been accepted into many educational programs due to my achievements, and soon i must start planning for what colleges i want to pursue! Yep- it's been busy, very busy indeed.

I would like to dedicate this post to what I LIKE- not what others like. I'm going to start posting more things of what I think would look good on, well- me! But not just me. Whoever had my body type, my skin type, my hair type, my height, etc! However I will surely go back to other topics as well.

So here we go!

First off- it's a ALMOST too late for this- however if you want deals- SHOP NOW. NOW NOW NOW. This is the absolute peak of sales. 50% off. 60% off. 75% OFF. EVEN 80% OFF!! Abercrombie, Gilly Hicks, Victoria's Secret, Express, everything! Shop now!!


Summer is near, and where I live it's already hot!! So buying a new bathing suit was priority, and I did just that. My friend gave me the advise of investing in ruffles- due to the fact that I'm not as gifted as others, so i did just that. Here were my purchases:

Cover Up Tunic Sweater (Purple-Multi)

Stringkini® Sequined Waterfall Triangle Top (Shimmer Mint) & The Daisy Push-Up Triangle Top, "Matching Bottoms"

The total came out to about $102, without the bottoms because i already have them. expensive yes, but it's cute. :)

Here's a tip, and it may seem obvious- but still, it's important!!

DO NOT buy things that at "in" just to be in, or if you think it's cute. I think a lot of things are cute, like this for example:

BUT it will not flatter me! :/ Once you find something that does, you'll look great= a new favorite look! :)

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