Sunday, September 4, 2011

Another Lack of Blogging

Dear readers, I know, I know, it's been months. but i will make it up to you guys for sure! :)

1) i think i have to explain why i haven't written in so long. Laziness? Work? Traveling? what if it was all of the above? oh yes :)

yes, i admit, i got a little lazy, and forgot about With our Internet not working for days, and once i got Internet, the router decided it didn't want to work and there i was back at 0.

Work? I'm going to talk about that later on in this post :)

Traveling? OH. YES. where to? Europe? New York? Hawaii? nope, nope, and nope. I went to a very different place. with a very different experience. does it have to do with fashion? Somewhat...CHINA :)

Yes, i went to China. It was the most unique place I've been to. the people, the culture, the shopping. it was all different from how i was raised. But it was definitely fun =)

The People: oh the people, this was definitely the most different part for me. when you went to a very nice hotel, everyone bowed, were very respectful, and could speak English for the most part. I felt like royalty from how well we were being treated. But when you don't show that money? It's a different story. we also went to a more, normal hotel i would say. It was still nice, with a Starbucks inside (jackpot!) and good rooms, however, there was a definite noticeable change. Need bath towels? Good luck. This is an example of an actual conversation i had with the concierge:

"Me: Ni Hao, do you speak English?
Concierge: Yes, i speak English
Me: okay! then can we please have some more bath towels?
Concierge: Bath......Towel..s..
Me: yes, like, you know the bath room?
Concierge: Ah yes, bath room. yes, i know
Me: Okay, we need towels for the bath room.
Concierge: towels...for...the..bathroom.."

This went on for about 15 min, until he came up and i showed him what we needed. Point saying most people in china did not speak English= a great communication adventure as you can probably tell.

Besides communication, when we went outside to walk around, shop, etc, I felt a little famous. Why? did people know my name? Did i do anything? Nope. But i was American. and that made me very famous. Famous as in many people pulled out their phones, cameras, and any other device to take pictures of us. Sometimes there were sneaky people that pretended to take a photo of their kid, and BAM- in a second they moved the camera on us when it flashed. Tricky, very tricky. The day with the most pictures? The Great Wall of China. It was gorgeous, and i loved it. There were a ton of people though, and Mulan did not prepare me for that. We bought rice patty hats, you know, the pointy hats that people use when working in rice patties. You might already know why this was maybe not the best idea. Americans + rice patty hats = Paparazzi. I'm not even exaggerating. There were so many pictures. But it was still fun! What's better? We lost my dad on the great wall! Best place to lose someone. + he forgot his phone that day. Oh what a scavenger hunt.

Last thing about people. Because it's so populated in china, the lines were enormous. Now this was actually pretty fun. Why would long lines be fun? Everyone pushed. If you didn't push you would go further back, because everyone else would literally push you back! My mom, being a polite person, didn't push, and to add didn't carry her suitcase. so in the end her suitcase got caught in between people and she was going further back! As a result, i took both of my arms, and pushed a whole pile of people out of my mom's way. They all looked at me surprised and shocked. It was a very rewarding feeling :) In the line where you barely can move, i made a 3' wide pathways for my mom to walk. That was one of my favorite moments :)

The culture was great! this included the food, which was soo gooodd :) M favorite dish was a fish that they de-boned, and made the skin inside out so the meat was on the outside, and the skin was on the inside, diced it, and fried the fish. then it was topped with a sweet and sour sauce. :) Best. Dish. Of. My. Life. The food was just amazing. Enough said :)

Okay, Time for shopping. The shopping was great, it was different than American clothing though. the ideas were somewhat better in the sense of creativity. For example, there was this gorgeous beige women's suit jacket. What's great about a suit jacket? the sleeves had a collum of layered fabric all the way down. It was a light touch, but it made all the difference. There was also a trench (are they called trench?) coat made out of this soft, strange, material which i do not know the name to. it was copper-toned and in-between the buttons were extra fabric, making a wave of fabric. It was gorgeous, but it didn't fit me ): I felt like some of the clothing was also a little too childish. I bought this cute pink layered skirt, and it was definitely cute, but there were many clothes that were a little too childish, as well as not the best quality.

There was a bargain mall right next to our hotel, and i bought some great stuff from there. There were even a few Zara- brand shirts that we bought. But there was one thing i was not happy with. There was an abercrombie- looking skirt that was adorable. And the quality was "eh", okay, but i did have to inspect each one's stitching due to the poor quality on some of them. The thing i did not like? they didn't let me try it on! What? you won't let me put it over my clothing to see if it fits?? Ridiculous. But it was only about $5 so i got one. when i tried it on when i came back, i realized why it was so cheap. The floral fabric outside was see through, while the black fabric inside was unflattering, and you could see it perfectly. oh well, I'll fix it up and see what i can do with it.

In the end i absolutely LOVED the shopping. it was all cheap, and cute. I bought so many shoes for only $10 at a nice mall, and i bought these toms-looking shoes for about $30. they look very unique with the fabric, and the reason why it was more expensive is because they bottom of the shoe is made of many many layers of tightly packed white fabric, and is all sewn by hand from this very thick yarn/string. it's very sturdy and comfortable!

I also respect the people for one major thing. They have respect for themselves. When my dad lost his phone at the train station, a worker that just picked peoples luggage up with a metal package-carrying cart picked up the phone, called us (we called the number many times) and waited for us to come and take the phone. when we wanted to give money as a thank you gift, she did not except anything. It showed their honor and how respectful they are. :)

Now lets go back to Work. What kind of work am i doing? I am proud to say that i am starting my own business! Yes, that is correct. Hopefully within a couple of months i will have a product on sale online and in stores. I cannot give the name out and the product description yet because i still need to patent it. but once i do, and start selling the product, i will put the product up on here!

I'll be editing this page, and I'll create an email account for this blog if you have any questions on fashion, travel, whatever! just go for it. if you have any suggestions about how to make this page better, or more appealing to you, just email me! It will be all updated shortly.

I think this much writing partially made up for the months? Trends and Tips will be up soon! :)


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