Sunday, May 15, 2011

How i Love Fashion(:

Hello everyone(:

So this time on "How to Spend it" the fashion wasn't exactly "wearable". So i discovered their website and found some trendy items. To start off, there are two, no- three main trends i see at the moment: A bohemian influence, sailor and vintage.

I have a pair of wonderful sperrys that is an example of sailor. Blue/ red and white striped shirts tucked in with a belt and skirt are very trendy too. this scarf shows the striped/ sailor design:

Bohemian is definitely coming in fast. Everywhere i turn i see bohemian inspired bags, shirts, shoes, and accessories. Here's a picture to show the average bohemian outfit style which can be found at

Vintage? Oh yes, and greatly so. vintage is back, and i love it. From glasses, rigs, scarfs, shoes, bows, gloves, bags, and even suitcases- you can see it everywhere. Here are a few examples:

Nat (:

**All pictures are from: "" except for bohemian photo which is in: ""**

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