Thursday, April 14, 2011

How to spend it tells all.

Hi everybody. So i was reading how to spend it, which i don't have with me at the moment, and found some trends that went with what i though.

RETRO mix- people are bringing back either retro color schemes with a more modern (twist of retro) clothing, or a retro style usually with pastel/neutral colors. the reason i say pastel/neutral is because the retro dresses/clothing i saw had a strong style of retro, however they weren't creating a war between color and style. they wanted they style to show more than the color, so pastel/ neutral and black were used. I don't have much time today, and i don't know where the magazine is at the moment, but I'll post another trend watch out with pictures to come.




layering with neutral and floral/color

layering different textures/fabric

trench coats are always fabulous (not this season though) :)

did i mention FLORAL? <3

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