Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I'm back! :D -Fashion History

Hello :)

so i only wrote 2 blogs so far- i know, LAME. but I'm going to try to make it up from now on. i want to write about fashion, since i am intuitive about trends in the fashion industry. i don't read magazines, or other fashion blogs and what not, but I've seen fashion shows, been to Europe countless times, and understand fashion. I promise to start flipping through a few vogues from now on! :) now let's start off by going back in fashion history to show trends:

So... I'm going to start in 1858- Charles Worth established the very first haute couture fashion house in Paris! Here's a dress that i sketched from this era:

<--this reminds me of Cinderella's ugly step-sisters when they went to the ball wearing this kind of dress with the HUGE behinds. haha

Next in 1906 Paul Poiret created harem pants! here's a sketch:

<--Okay, I adore these pants. The design of the pants are still seen today and have been modernized like this sketch. this was a big trend setter!! :) <3>

Next the wonderful Coco Chanel swoops in during 1913 when she opens a boutique in deauville, France, revolutionizing women's fashion with quilted handbags, chain-belted jerseys, and tailored suits. She was the most copied designer in fashion history. here's an example of one of her famous suits (with a skirt):

<--this is just one example of her revolutionary pieces that are just stunning. I <3 Chanel :)

Next on the fashion timeline is in 1914-18 : ww1 impelled women to work in factories which made women wear pants - and military cut influences. here's a sketch (1) (it won't let me upload images at the moment so i'll finish this tomorrow - but here's a sample for now :) )


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